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T. Mead Banjos and Ukuleles has been in business since 1975. Coming from an extensive background of acoustic instrument repair and restoration, Terry began his luthiery career building arch top acoustic guitars. He discovered a market for handcrafted instruments of a bygone era and worked to create a unique and acoustically superior series of guitars and mandolins featuring all solid wood construction and utilizing many of the meticulous techniques specific to the use of hand tools in woodworking craftsmanship.

In 1991 the Meads moved to California Valley where Terry set up his workshop to begin builidng instruments full time. He discovered an untapped market for wooden banjos which have a sound similar to the old time frailing banjos. The positive response to his innovative and unique banjo design was immediately rewarding and musicians and high end acoustic instrument stores became customers.

In 1997, Terry discovered the ukulele and began building two versions of the instrument, the tenor and concert models. The ukulele is currently riding a wave of popularity in the US and abroad, and T. Mead Ukuleles, with their superb tone, playability and handcrafted workmanship are becoming increasingly well-known.

Please feel free to contact Terry if you have specific questions about his instruments or would like to discuss custom options.


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